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                Making our English Language Program yet better and more complete, we have the new  AMERICAN  SCENES  FEATURES into our courses.   AMERICAN  SCENES is comprised of three (3) episodes, a color videotape designed to aid the Intermediate students in improving comprehension, while mastering functions, structures and highly colloquial language.

      This program is always implemented on a one to one basis, also in groups with the Instructor acting as monitor, constantly drilling the student on the material presented.

      A wide variety of typically practical settings and situations introduces over 300 commonly-used in context, and presents cultural information and “ How to ” all important to anyone coming into contact with American.

      The 33 skits are grouped into thematic areas, such as :  TRAVEL,  HOUSING,   FOOD,   EMERGENCY SITUATIONS, SOCIAL SETTINGS, etc.  The language used highlights and reinforces key grammatical concepts and structure including the most needed tenses, comparative and superlative forms, etc.

                More than 39 language functions are presented including: apologies, asking about possibility, asking for information, commands, complaints, expressing agreement, opinions, regret, giving advice, greetings and many others.  Characters in the skits use language functions in various contexts and registers providing the students with means of achieving mastery in handling such functions easily and correctly.   By introducing more than 250 expressions and idioms,  AMERICAN  SCENES is particularly beneficial to those intermediate students who have studied English and who often have difficulty in comprehending  and using colloquial expressions.

       The results obtained with this program are indeed remarkable in their scope, and all students who have participated in it have reacted quite enthusiastically and with great interest.


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